March 26, 2021



Every woman wants smooth, soft skin, but not every woman has an easy method to get it. After all, silky smooth skin has such a luxurious feel to it, no wonder we all want it so bad! We want it because of how it makes us feel, and our partners want it because of how it feels to them.

Most spas provide some sort of skin-softening service to drench your skin in some form of moisture-rich emollients.

All you need to do is do what you do every day, with one small added ingredient. First, take a warm to hot shower - the hotter the better. Why? The heat from the shower not only relaxes your body and soothes your muscles, but it also opens the pores of your skin all over your body.

Now, shower as you normally would, but at the end, take a washcloth and soak it with baby oil. With that drenched washcloth, rub it all over your body without being hit by the water. Once you have rubbed the baby oil all over your body, let the water drench your body for an extra minute, then get out of the shower.

If time permits, don’t dry with a towel, but air dry instead. What you will find is that the moisture from the baby oil will be literally sucked up by your skin like a sponge, leaving you with softer, smoother skin! Give it a try after a long, hard day, sure it will become one of your favorite bath time rituals.

You already know how to achieve supple and smooth skin, how about the stubborn scars that stay on your skin for years?  We at AWD can help. Try our AWD Medical Silicone Gel for Scar Removal with Vitamin E Oil and Medical-Grade Silicone. It's an ideal treatment for acne and surgical scars.

Aside from the cosmetic benefit, our silicone gel works as a protective layer against bacterial invasion and prevents excessive collagen production. The lesser collagen is produced in the healing process, the lesser the chances of scar formation. Get yours now!