July 19, 2020

Scar Removal: Use of Medical Silicone Products for Removing Scars

Written by: aayesha83

Scars show that our body has that incredible power to heal. Once you incur and injury and get an open wound, your skin tries to heal as fast as possible so as to avoid the wound from getting infected. Scarring, according to health experts, is a normal and necessary response to wounds; however, most people feel insecure with having scars, especially in an exposed part of the body. Lots seek ways to get rid of or conceal the scars. The question on the mind of such people is, “What is the best scar removal method?”

Although scars are inevitable when it comes to wound healing, there are still things you can do to minimize, and possibly eliminate its effects. One of such ways is the use of silicone medical products. The use of silicone gels is, in fact, the best and only clinically proven method for improving scar outlooks.

How Does a Scar Form?

When the skin gets an injury, it gets to work to heal itself, and most times it overworks itself while in that process. What happens is that there is excessive production of collagen, which in turn leads to abnormal scarring. During scar formation, the epidermal (outer layer) of the skin produces excess moisture in a bid to keep the scar site hydrated. However, most of the moisture evaporates on getting to the stratum corneum’ which is an upper layer of the epidermis.

The loss of moisture triggers keratinocytes to produce collagen. If the collagen production is not checked, it can cause abnormal scarring. Dr. Adarsh Mudgil of Mudgil Dermatology confirmed this when he said, “Scar tissue is essentially collagen, that is more densely packed than that which is normally present in the skin”.

Scars indeed are one of the most challenging skin problems to manage or treat. Newer scar removal is typically easier to achieve than older scars. Many have made claims about some natural remedies being effective in getting rid of scars. However, most of them lack the scientific proof that they are effective. Instead of trying out methods or products you are not sure of, it would be best you opt for methods such as the use of silicone medical products which have been clinically and scientifically proven to work in fading away scars.

Type of Scars

If you are reading this post, you probably have a scar you have been trying to get rid of, or you have someone that has a scar that you need to eliminate. You might be wondering if the scar can be treated or if medical silicone products can help get rid of them. You need not worry about that as silicone products work wonders when it comes to scar removal. Silicone covers the entire scar site, making for maximum exposure to oxygen as well as even distribution of the required amount of moisture.

Silicone treatment provides the ideal environment for healing to take place normally. Another good thing about the use of silicone treatment is the fact that it can come in different forms such as sheets, sticks, and ointments.

Let’s see some types of scars that you can get rid of using silicone treatment.

Keloid Scars

This type of scar is prevalent. It occurs when excess tissues are formed as a wound is trying to heal and usually ends up growing even bigger than the wound itself. It is raised and has a dark color. It develops further even after the wound has healed. The chances of developing keloid are high with people who have a family member with keloid. This means it runs in the genes as well.

Keloids present with side effects such as itching, pain, and even interferes with movement. It hardly resolves or fades even with time.

Atrophic Scars

These sorts of scars appear as a dent or pit in the skin. It usually occurs when the skin’s collagen is damaged. It commonly accompanies conditions like acne and chickenpox

Hypertrophic Scars

These scars present like keloids as they are raised. However, they are reddish and also occur only at a wound site. They can be painful and itchy, but unlike keloids, they usually improve as the skin heals completely. With time, hypertrophic scars might resolve on their own, but the process of resolving might take years.

Contracture Scars

With scars like this, the skin tightens or contracts. Most times, they are as a result of burns and can be really painful.

People with contracture scars are likely to have their nerves and muscles affected as well, and this can cause restricted movement to the part of the body affected.

Widespread Scars

This is also known as stretched scars and often form after surgery. The stretching of surgical incision scars causes them. Stretched scars most times don’t raise cosmetic concerns, especially when it is a minor surgery as they are usually pale and flat. Also, they tend to fade after some years.

Use of Silicone Sheets and Gels for Scar Removal

Of all scar removal home remedies, silicone has the most significant evidence of being productive. Studies over the past two decades have confirmed that the use of medical silicone products in the form of silicone sheeting, silicone gel, etc. can improve the appearance of a scar.

In a study review, “A Review of the Effects of Moisturizers on the Appearance of Scars and Striae”, silicone was shown to have improved the appearance of hypertrophic scars. Another study published in 2008 on Aesthetic Plastic Surgery journal also found that both silicone gel and silicone sheets were effective in reducing keloid and hypertrophic scars.

Silicone scar treatment products are not uncommon. Fortunately, they can be found in stores both online and offline, and you can purchase them without a prescription. Doctors, in many cases, prescribe silicone treatment after surgical procedures to help in the formation of scars and healthy healing of wounds after an injury.

A week or two after surgery or a wound is incurred is the ideal time to start treating a scar. Dermatologists and skin care experts recommend the use of silicone-based patches or gels in the early stages of scar formation. They also agree that this method works way better than the popular, onion-extract’ products.

If applied daily, silicone medical products would help scars to maturate properly and would also help reduce cosmetic damage. If you are opting for the silicone sheet then, you might have to turn them into an overnight treatment conveniently. You should use a sheet once a day, consistently for 2-3 months; you’d surely notice the improvement.

Why use Silicone Medical Products to Get Rid of Scars?

Asides the fact that silicone treatment has been clinically and scientifically tested and proven to be effective in scar removal, here are more reasons why you should opt for it:

  • Evidence has shown that silicone has a low risk of presenting with side effects.
  • It is not painful when being used, and it is also easy to use.
  • When used as directed, it can prevent the formation of a scar in the first place. In a case where scar has already formed, it improves and helps resolve the scar.
  • It normalizes the synthesis of collagen.
  • It is non-toxic and safe to use. It can be used on sensitive skin types as well as on children.
  • It reduces skin irritation and redness.

Some Silicone-Based Creams for Removing Scars


Silicone creams can be purchased over-the-counter in beauty and cosmetic stores. If you can’t find one in your local store, you might want to check online. The good thing is that these products are mostly affordable. A product like Cica-Care Gel Sheet‘ contains medical-grade silicone and effectively serves as an after-surgery cream. Another, Cimeosil Scar and Laser Gel, which also contains medical-grade silicone, is effective for getting rid of scars from cuts, burns, and scrapes. Some users are of the opinion that it is a bit too sticky but then, that wouldn’t too much of a price to pay to have your skin back in order.

There are also other products like the MD Performance Ultimate Scar Formula and Aroamas Advanced Silicone Scar Sheets, which are both 100 percent silicone. The former is designed for minor burns, acne and surgical scars while the later works well for both old and new scars.

Irrespective of the type of scar you wish to scar, you can always research silicone-based products that have proven to be more effective in treating such scars.

There are also other products like the MD Performance Ultimate Scar Formula and Aroamas Advanced Silicone Scar Sheets, which are both 100 percent silicone. The former is designed for minor burns, acne and surgical scars while the later works well for both old and new scars.

Irrespective of the type of scar you wish to scar, you can always research silicone-based products that have proven to be more effective in treating such scars.

How to Choose the Right Treatment

Ask your doctor – This is practically the easiest thing to do. A dermatologist or skincare expert would be in a better position to suggest the best product that would work for your type of scar.

Check out products for ingredient – Check the product to be sure it contains silicon and some other components like antioxidants which aid faster healing. You should also ensure it does not contain an ingredient you are allergic or sensitive to.

Look up the manufacturer details – Make sure you are buying the product from a trusted source. There are lots of brands out there that claim to be what they are not.

Be price smart – While quality should be checked first before price, you should also know that the most expensive product is not always the best.


At AwdMed, we have a complete range of wound care products ranging from anti-bacterial silicone scar dressing and tapes to silicone sheets that can be easily removed. Doctors all over the world recommend these products for all types of wound dressing so that there wouldn’t be a trace of a scar left. Not only do these products protect against bacterial infections but also prevent collagen production in the skin thereby reducing the chance of getting a scar.


Some scars if left untreated, can cause severe cosmetic damage and can make you feel insecure about your skin or appearance. The good news is that scars don’t have to be a permanent part of you (unless you want it that way). Silicone medical products offer an easy, affordable, and painless way of getting rid of both the new and old scars. They are worth checking out if you want a painless and faster way of removing your scars.