March 26, 2021


Skin care horror stories 


The chemical components of certain cosmetics and skin care products have been known to cause diseases, which certain researchers have elaborated on. Some researchers say the toxins in these products can cause problems as serious as immune system diseases, neurological disorders, hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders and child health problems, 


Skin Lightening Products- These products cropped up on the market due to the popular belief that lighter and paler skin tones signify beauty. This factor determines how dark a person’s skin is. If the amount of melanin produced is more than it means, that person will have a darker skin tone. It has another important function for the skin, protecting it from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

It works to reduce the production of melanin in the body, thereby making the person appear lighter.

The long term harm that these products cause is what is important to us. The melanin that is now produced in limited quantities makes the skin vulnerable to skin disease, as the natural protection against UV rays is gone.

The next case that we will consider is of the side effects of acne cure products.

Acne is a very old and common problem, and combating it has resulted in a struggle between the health of the face and the products claiming to cure it available on the market. Acne is caused due to over production of oil in the glands of the body along with trapped bacteria.


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