July 27, 2020

Get back the Smooth Even Skin

Although your skin is quite strong and elastic, it can still be scarred in one way or another. There are many ways through which you can sustain scars, as there are many types of scars. Stretch marks are one dominant type of scars that can occur to anyone and at any age.

While these marks on your skin are not harmful or life-threatening, their visibility makes many people uncomfortable. Furthermore, who doesn’t want to retain that smooth, even skin? For this reason, people go to extra lengths to see their beautiful skin back and remove these scarring. 

However, it’s wise to note that the increase in demand for scar removal remedies has brought numerous products to the market. Even if similar to each other in components, not equally effective, hence the need to be extra vigilant before you buy any skincare products.

That’s why AWDMed has come in with the perfect solution for this. We offer scar removal products that are effective, safe to use, inexpensive, and approved by doctors.

So, what are Stretch Marks, and how do they form?


Simply put, these are visible permanent marks left on your skin after a sudden shrink or stretch. Although the human skin is incredibly elastic, rapid changes might cause damages, leaving some marks on your once even skin.

Some of the main events that cause these abrupt changes in your body size might include puberty and pregnancy in women. Pregnancy is a major cause of stretch marks in women, with around 90% of them getting these scars during this period.

However, these are not the only instances during which you can get stretch marks. They can occur at any stage of life, to anyone, and to any skin type. Any period of significant weight gain or loss is a catalyst to stretch marks.

The abrupt changes cause the skin’s elastin and collagen to rapture, leaving marks on the skin as it heals. Hormonal imbalances are also a major cause of these scars.  

At their first sightings, the stretch marks appear red, pink, purple, dark-brown, or reddish-brown, based on the skin color. At these early stages, the marks might feel itchy and somewhat raised.

But as time goes by, their color fades, leaving narrow bands sunk beneath the skin. A mature stretch mark feels like a slight depression on the skin.

How do you Get Rid of these Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks, like most other scars such as keloids, are permanent marks. However, with the right scar removal treatment, these marks can become almost invisible, giving you back your shiny, smooth skin. 

Most of the treatment plans will also include a solution to help eliminate any itchiness caused by the scars. Some of the most effective stretch-marks removal treatments include:

Whether you’re suffering from a burn scar, acne, cut scars, or old persistent stretch marks, silicone scar removal sheets can take your worries away. For instance, the silicone sheets by AWDMed will effectively make your scars flatter and somewhat invisible. They are also relatively easy to use as you just need to wear them on the scar and leave the rest to them. And, the sheets don’t cause any pain while removing them from the scar. The sheets work by helping your skin regenerate cells, which in return help to fade the dark or white marks on your skin. They help to improve the appearance of your stretch marks, thus becoming almost unnoticeable. Silicone sheets are also perfect in hindering too much collagen production when your skin is healing, thus preventing scarring.

For those who don’t like patching some sheets on their skin, silicone gel might just be the ideal solution. With silicone gel, all you have to do is to apply it on your skin gently. Do this as directed by your dermatologist, and your stretch marks will be something of the past.

And, if you are worried about your skin’s safety, you shouldn’t! Silicone scar gel is widely accepted as being among the best scar removal treatments. It is tender on your skin and offers the solution you’ve been looking for.

The gel works by helping your skin regenerate cells around the stretch marks, fading away from the dark, reddish, or pinkish toned marks.

If you are tired of those stretch marks and wish to see them gone, you are just a “silicone scar gel” away. Don’t let a few dark marks on your skin lower your self-esteem – even the most persistent stretch marks are not too persistent for the silicone gel with vitamin E.

2.Topical Treatments

This scar removal method includes the use of ointments and creams. Topical treatments are quite effective even for the older, much stubborn stretch marks (white stretch marks). These methods are among the cheapest ways to eliminate stretch marks from your skin.

While you can buy some of these creams and ointments over-the-counter, others will require your doctor’s prescription. You should apply these treatments regularly, or as directed by your dermatologist, to get the desired results. Although the topical treatments might not completely remove the stretch marks, they will lighten the shade of these marks, making them almost unseen.

But to ensure you are using the right treatment, make sure you get advice from your doctor first. You don’t want to make your skin worse by not following instructions or using the wrong product.


This is another simple way of treating your stretch marks – especially the old white ones. The process involves the removal of the outer dead skin cells on your skin’s surface. You may achieve this through the use of granular creams, chemicals, or other exfoliation tools. When exfoliating, you remove both the dead cells and the new cells, grown on the stretch marks.

However, this process requires that you combine it with other scar treatment methods to make it more effective. When you exfoliate the skin first, other treatments will have an easy time working on those marks.

4. Microdermabrasion

This stretch marks removal method involves a painless procedure that helps to fade the visibility of your stretch marks. Microdermabrasion targets the epidermis (upper skin layer) and stimulates the skin to constrict its collagen and elastin fibers.

The procedure includes the exfoliation of the affected area, removing all the dead skin from it. This will be done by gently spraying small particles on the affected area, using a handheld device. After this, the skin will feel tighter, and a moisturizer is applied.

For the process to be effective, it should be repeated a few times over a specified period. The skin might also appear reddish as a result of the exfoliation and might take about a day to heal.

5. Microneedling

Unlike microdermabrasion, which targets the epidermis, Microneedling, on the other hand, targets the dermis of your skin. The dermis is the middle skin’s layer, where the stretch marks form. Microneedling involves the insertion of microneedles into your skin, to prompt collagen production.

Higher collagen and elastin levels help to promote skin regeneration, which in return will augment the appearance of your skin, reducing stretch marks visibility. The process must, however, be repeated several times to be more effective. Microneedling has proven to be a relatively effective scar removal method that works well with your stretch marks. It promotes a more toned, firmer, and smoother skin.

6. Laser Therapy

There are quite a few scar removal options, and laser therapy is one of the most effective ones. The process is ideal for both the new and old white stretch marks, which seems hard to remove. It includes the use of lasers on your skin, which triggers skin regeneration.

The stimulated growth of tissues enhances the healing process of the skin around your stretch marks. It also stimulates melanin production and activates your cells’ pigmentation. This, on the other hand, makes the stretch marks fade away by blending with your skin color slowly.

Since there are various laser therapy methods, make sure you first discuss everything with your doctor.

Key Take Away on Stretch Marks Removal

Although some stretch marks will never disappear completely, they can become almost unnoticeable. All these treatment plans aim to help soften the skin and give it its original texture and color. Some stretch marks removal methods will be effective on their own, while others need to be used as a combination.

Finding the right method for your skin is vital. The fact is that there are so many treatments that might worsen your situation. Therefore, choose products from trusted manufacturers, and seek your doctor’s advice. Whether you are going with the silicone treatments or the Microneedling option, ensure that you get genuine products.