AWD Medical Dressing Retention Tape


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AWD Medical Dressing Retention Tape - Medical Non-Woven, Skin Friendly, Adhesive Wound Dressing Tape, Secures Primary Dressings with Ease Release Backing (4" x 10 yds) (1)

  • HOME & PROFESSIONAL USE - Ideal complement to first aid kits at home and medical institutions such as clinics and hospitals, this non-woven-tape can be applied as a secondary dressing to maintain primary dressings, medical tubing, and other gauzes in place.
  • SOFT, FLEXIBLE - This dressing tape is made from soft, non-woven, water-resistant fabric, breathable promotes airflow to reduce maceration. Its excellent conformability simplifies shaping around joints and awkward body contours to allow the patient greater freedom of movement.
  • CONVENIENT & EASY RELEASE- Easy to Use Self-Adhesive with Release Paper Backing. Combines security with comfort and has featured a Grid guidelines for easier measurement.
  • RELIABLE & SKIN FRIENDLY - Produces a secure, firm adhesion that can be removed simply and softly without causing pain or damage to the skin, leaving no residue adhesive build-up for improved comfort.
  • PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT - High-performance latex-free adhesive tape sticks for a long time and effortlessly conforms to even the most difficult body contours, without curling edges or re-taping, it stays secure between primary dressing, gauze pads or tubing changes.


Type: Wound Care Dressing

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