AWD Xeroform Petrolatum Fine Mesh Gauze Dressing Sterile 5"x9"


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AWD Xeroform Petrolatum Fine Mesh Gauze Dressing Sterile - for Wound Care (Box of 25) (5"x9")

  • PROFESSIONAL USE - This dressing is constructed of a fine mesh gauze occlusive dressing that is enriched with petrolatum and 3% Bismuth Tribromophenate. This formula provides an excellent combination of ingredients that both protects and promotes healing by clinging and conforming to all body contours.
  • EASY-TO-USE- Individually wrapped, sterile gauze pads help maintain cleanliness and guard against infection. Each dressing adapts to the skin with ease, reducing patient discomfort. Gauze-impregnated dressings provide the most comfort when changing or removing the dressing. It won't adhere to the healthy tissue that surrounds the wound
  • COMFORTABLE & PAIN FREE- Non-adherent pad helps to reduce trauma upon removal. It clings and conforms for compression therapy and can be used in deep and shallow wounds.
  • PROVIDES A MOIST ENVIRONMENT - AWD's Xeroform aids non-exudating wounds to stay moist. These wounds include donor sites, lacerations, burns, abrasions, and skin graft sites.
  • VERSATILE DRESSING: Personal and professional medical use in offices, clinics, hospitals, homes, and on the go in the case of an emergency.


Type: Wound Care Dressing

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