Calcium Alginate Dressing

AWD Medical Calcium Alginate Dressing - Antimicrobial and a non-woven pad composed of calcium alginate- Ideal for Cavity wound; Exuding wounds; Burn Wounds

  • Excellent Natural Dressing-  It is designed to be highly, fast absorbent. Alginate absorbs wound exudates and form a gel-like covering over the wound. maintaining a moist wound healing environment accelerates the healing process and helps to stop bleeding.
  • Cavity Packing- our calcium alginate has a flexible and gentle soft fiber rope that is ideal for the use of cavity wound packing.
  • Highly absorbent- it is capable of absorbing 10-20 times its weight and maintaining a moist wound healing environment.
  • Painless Removal- the Gel-like surface also keeps dressing from adhering to the wound and it is painless removal.
  • Mechanism of Action- when applied to a wound there will be an ion-exchange between the calcium in the dressing and sodium from the exudate, forming a soluble calcium alginate gel.  Calcium ions reduce the bleeding during various surgical interventions. The interaction with the wound exudates will create a protective get that gas occlusive nonadherent and moisturizing properties.