Lacerex Surgical Quality Wound Closure Strips

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Lacerex Surgical Quality Wound Closure Strips, Emergency Laceration Device for Cuts and Wounds Without Stitches A Must-Have for First Aid Kit, Survival Kit, Camping Kit - Be Prepared.

  • A COST-EFFECTIVE way to ease lacerations. An Inexpensive way to hold together the clean edges of shallow cuts. Hospital-grade do-it-yourself wound adhesive without painful ER visits. No-stitch needed!
  • CHILD-FRIENDLY emergency stitch kit, a painless, clean and easy way to apply a closure bandage for an effective and tight wound closure provides quick healing just like the sutures.
  • PEACE OF MIND emergency sterile surgical strips. These waterproof bandages apply easily to wound cuts, lacerations, or incisions. It has breathable backing which repels water and dirt and is best used at home or during outdoor activities (ex: hiking, traveling, sporting events, etc...).
  • HOSPITAL GRADE FIRST AID WOUND CARE is proven safe and effective and is used by medical professionals. Supports the skin with hydrocolloid skin adhesive & adjust easily for better fit and good closure of the affected area
  • THIS WOUND CLOSURE KIT INCLUDES- 2 Lacerex devices for wound closures, 2 Sterile Gauzes, 2 Alcohol Wipes, to clean the affected area before application.