Silicone Scar Removal Gel with Vitamin E Oil

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AWD Medical Silicone Gel for Scar Removal with Vitamin E Oil – With Anti Scarring Ingredients Vitamin E and Silicone – Treatment for Acne Scar, Surgical Scar Treatment 30gm

  • IMPROVE SCAR APPEARANCE – helps regenerate new skin cells which diminish the dark scar that your wound regrettably left. It disrupts the scarring phase of the healing process of a wound. Moreover, it hydrates the outer layer of your skin which prevents dry skin
  • SAFE AND DURABLE- made from Medical Grade Silicones – safe to use in the body for medical applications and can safely be used for children, sensitive skins, and on your face which makes it a reliable acne scar treatment too. Due to its durability and biocompatibility – our product is ideal to be used in relieving your scars.
  • GEL CONSISTENCY – unlike scar removal cream, our silicone scar remover is a gel inconsistency. It works better than a scar remover cream. Gels are easily and quickly absorbed by your skin which means the effects happen faster and quicker upon application compared to a cream consistency.
  • EXTRA PROTECTION – aside from the cosmetic benefit, our silicone gel can work as a protective layer against bacterial invasion and prevents excessive collagen production which is induced by bacteria. The lesser collagen produced in the healing process, the lesser chances of scar formation.
  • ANTI-SCARRING INGREDIENTS - WITH VITAMIN E – Our product has the most effective anti-scarring ingredients of a topical silicone gel. The silicone part reduces itching and discomfort and decreases the thickness, color, and texture of scarring. Together with the Vitamin E in our product that is highly effective in the early treatment of scars – our Silicone Gel for Scar Removal is most effective in diminishing your old or new scars! It works like a miracle oil but is made into a silicone gel.