Transparent Film Dressing

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Transparent Film Dressing 4 inches x 4.75 inches Box of 50 - Waterproof Transparent Wound Bandage, IV Shield, Shower Shield, and Tattoo Cover Up Tape, for Faster Wound Healing.

  • Easy to Apply - Our transparent dressing was designed with your comfort in mind to allow for easy application when monitoring wounds, iv lines, tattoo cover-ups, etc
  • Effective Protection - Keeps out dirt and other contaminants and promotes a breathable environment to allow wounds and tattoos to heal faster.
  • Waterproof & Breathable - It can be used in the shower, bathtub, or swimming, effectively acting as a shower shield and tattoo bandage.
  • Individually Packed - to secure its pristine and sterile condition, our dressing was produced under highly sterile conditions, non-stick pads for wound care come individually wrapped to ensure they remain 100% sterile.
  • Monitor Wound Healing - for all types of wound monitoring including IV lines, post-surgical incisions, minor burns, abrasions, cuts, blister, skin rashes, tattoo healing, etc