October 26, 2020

When it comes to surgical procedures, scarring is almost inevitable. Breast lifts are not different, as some incisions need to be made on the skin. For you to achieve that awesome and perky look on those breasts, some loose skin and tissue might just have to come out.

But, the nagging question is, do breast lift scars go away? Is the procedure even worth it?

Well, women undergo these lifts all the time and for numerous reasons. Just as with fashion, women will have breast lifts to make them look stunning and enhance their confidence and happiness. So, to most ladies, the surgery is certainly worth it.

However, no one wants to have a permanent scar on their body, especially not in this area for ladies.

Today we look at what breast lift scars are, how they form, and possible ways of making them disappear. Remember, if the procedure is done right, you can achieve that look you so much desire, and not worry about scars.


What are Breast Lift Scars?

Typically, these are the resultant scars from a breast lift procedure. A Breast lift is a surgery that targets to reshape a patient’s breasts to make them look firmer and tighter. The procedure, which is also called mastopexy, involves removing loose or excess breast skin.

One might decide to undertake the procedure to reshape sagging breasts or ones with nipples that point downwards. Whichever the case, only the shape of your breast will change, meaning that the size won’t change much.

Since the procedure involves cutting and removing some skin, you can have some scars after the procedure. These are what we refer to as Breast Lift Scars.

The size of every scar will depend on the size of the incision and the proficiency of the person performing it. The type of breast lift also plays a significant role in the appearance of your scar. Yes, there are various breast lift techniques, and each of them results in a different type of scar.

Breast Lift Surgical Methods and Resulting Scars

The crucial thing in most surgeries is to minimize the size and the appearance of the resultant scars. Here are the main breast lift techniques that determine the shape and type of your scar:

1. Crescent Lift

Of all the different breast lift methods, this procedure guarantees the least resultant scarring. For a crescent breast lift, the doctor makes a slight incision near the breast’s areola’s upper edge.

The tiny incision ensures the smallest possible form of scarring resulting from the surgery. If you want to minimize the amount of scarring after a breast lift, this is your best chance.

One thing you should note, however, this procedure is not for everyone. Crescent lift is only ideal for breasts with minimal sagging. Also, this surgical procedure is usually done together with breast augmentation.

It leads to a small crescent-like scar.

2. Scarless Lift

Just as the name goes, this procedure offers scar-free results. This means that even after the breast surgery, no scars will be visible on your skin.

Unlike other breast lift procedures, this one doesn’t include any incision on the skin. Here, the surgeon heats up your breast’s fat cells using ultrasound or electrical current systems. The results are tighter and firmer breast tissues, which offer the anticipated stunning look.

But, just like the Crescent lift method, the procedure is only ideal for less saggy breasts.

3.Lollipop Lift

Most women go for this kind of breast lift. It is the most famous among its counterparts. Here, the surgeon makes two small cuts on the breasts, removing any excess skin and tissue for a firmer look.

But, unlike in the Crescent lift, the incisions here will run from the areola’s bottom edge, down to the pleat beneath the breast and again around the areola. These cuts result in scars that almost resemble a lollipop, and hence the name.

4. Donut Lift

This technique is usually for women with moderate breast sagging. Donut lift involves a single circular incision around the areola, enabling the surgeon to remove unwanted skin and tissue.

Since it involves only one cut, the scarring amount is reduced, although it will still be quite visible. The procedure mostly goes hand in hand with breast augmentation, and it’s perfect for ladies seeking a smaller areola.

The resulting scar has a donut shape.

5. Horizontal Mastopexy

This is a breast lift method that only involves horizontal slits. The surgeon can extract excess breast tissue through the incisions, giving your breasts the tighter shape you are looking for.

Horizontal Mastopexy is ideal for tightening extensively saggy breasts. It can also work well for ladies looking to have their nipples move a bit upwards.

This breast lift procedure leaves horizontal scars on your skin that might be quite noticeable.

6. Anchor Breast Lift

Although this technique results in the most visible breast lift scars, it is also the most effective in reshaping extremely sagging breasts.

Anchor lift involves three incisions:

  • A horizontal one along the breast IMF/crease
  •  A vertical one running from the areola to the IMF (inframammary fold)
  • One circular incision around the edges of the areola.

Due to the broadness of this surgery, the amount of resultant scars is also significant. Most women, who undergo Anchor lift procedure, will later seek scar removal remedies to get rid of the scars.

So, Do Breast Scars Really Go Away?

The fact is that these scars can be reduced to unnoticeable levels. This means that although breast lift leaves marks, you’re not condemned to living with them. You can achieve that stunning look and self-confidence you’re looking for and still have smooth skin.

Breast Lift Scars Removal Methods

Just as the name suggests, this method involves gentle massage of the scars. You can do this in circular, vertical, or horizontal motions. 

This method aims to help enhance collagen production, which in turn helps to flatten out your scars. Scar massage can also help to reduce pain and inflammation after a breast lift.

You can start massaging your breast lift scars 3 weeks after your surgery. Do this several times daily for around ten minutes each time, and you won’t believe the results.

  • Silicone Treatments

These include both medical grade silicone scar gel and sheets.  Right after your breast lift, you can start using silicone sheets to reduce pain and other symptoms like itchiness. They are usually bandages that also protect the scars against drying and cracking.

In comparison, silicone scar gels are designed to help reduce the size and appearance of your scar. The gel does this by helping your skin regenerate new cells, diminishing the color of the scar.

It also disrupts the scar formation process and keeps the skin around the scar hydrated. However, you can only start using them once the scar heals, not before.

  • Laser Treatment

This is among the most effective scar removal methods. The procedure is ideal for fading even the large breast lift keloid scars, which might not yield to other scar treatment methods. This is because the focused beams can penetrate through the epidermis and into the deeper dermis skin layer, reducing any pigmentation.

One caution, though, laser for breast lift scars is only applicable once the scars are fully healed. Also, make sure you make the necessary consultations with your doctor before commencing the procedure.

Results can be optimized by repeating the procedure once a month for like one year or more. The best thing with this method is that it can work for even older breast lift scars, 2 years and above.

  • Scar Revision Surgery

If all the above methods don’t seem to work, you might want to try out scar revision. This involves surgically removing the breast lift scars for a more reduced appearance.

However, you should only opt for laser treatment as the last option. Also, only do it after the scar is more than one year old.


Things to Avoid

When dealing with breast lift scars, some actions might be more detrimental than beneficial. You might make the scar worse by doing some of these things without proper consultations. For this reason, you should always avoid:

  • Excess scratching, scrubbing, or exfoliation, both the scar and the area around it
  • Smoking
  • Sunbathing
  • Heavy lifting for at least six weeks

Some of these actions can easily cause irritation on the wound, which might hinder the proper healing process. Others like too much sun can lead to the scar’s potential darkening, which will only make it more visible. Using sunscreen would be quite helpful during the wound healing process to help prevent this tanning.

Do Breast Lift Scars Go Away? Conclusion

While breast lifts might be fundamental in restoring the youthful look that ladies desire, the resultant scars might not be so beautiful. That’s why many women will always pose this question - do breast lift scars go away?

According to the above guide on breast lift scars, it’s evident that they can fade away. And, although some may never completely diminish, their appearance will be almost imperceptible.

So, don’t worry too much about the scars – with the right surgeon, the procedure will leave behind minor scars, which can be removed through either of the above-listed ways.

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